"Conquer Your Fears – Live Your Dreams”



In 1999, Fred and Angela were devastated when their daughter, Tracey, was brutally murdered by someone she dated. To ensure that Tracey's spirit and dreams live on and are not forgotten, they established the Tracey Biletnikoff Foundation (now the Biletnikoff Foundation), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young women recovering from substance abuse and providing education for the prevention of domestic violence.

The Biletnikoff Foundation has also proudly supported STAND! Since they began in 1977, STAND! has helped over 15,000 crisis victims and their children annually by offering emergency shelter, counseling and support groups, and transitional housing. Their battered treatment programs provide offenders with the opportunity to make meaningful changes in their lives and, more importantly, in the lives of their families.

The foundation has focused the majority (approximately 80%) of resources and volunteer time on supporting programs targeting at risk youths predominately from low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. However, we believe that youths of all ages and backgrounds are susceptible to various addictions and violence. Therefore, our goal is to reach out to as many youths as possible so that we may help them avoid or recover from violence, drugs and alcohol, which are crippling the youth of this country.

The Biletnikoff Foundation has two offices in Northern California (Dublin and Granite Bay). Fred and Angela Biletnikoff now reside in Roseville, California.